I’ve been away a long time!!!

Why?  A little problem of work … there’s just too much of it.  But I have taken a few photos … so here are a few to hopefully revitalize your in Bettyclick …

In March 2013 this little gorgeous bundle of fluff entered our lives … meet Dave … our 11 week old Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  He arrived in Bermuda airport along with his sister tails wagging and keen to explore after two flights and two days of traveling.   

Now the funny thing about Wheatens apart from the fact that they are so much fun is that they change color. So a couple of years later our little boy developed into this gorgeous young man.

So between work and puppy life is busy.  But hopefully Bettyclick will be back soon…

We went all the way to Mexico to see Santa on his Holidays! Oh, and more cycling photos …!

So it’s been a while. But hey, what can I say, its been a busy six months – where. Has the time gone to. Blink and you miss it and each  year it seems to get more and more busy.Santa on his holidays!

I dream of being a sports photographer full-time but I don’t think I’d be able to keep in the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to.

So the photos, the camera has not had too many outings since Christmas but there have been a few breaks away on which at least the little point & click made an appearance. And the Nikon had braved a few Bermuda sporting events too.

We went to Mexico and guess who we bumped into – you got it, Santa Claus on his holidays.  Just riding along on his bicycle who knew that he was cycle crazy too!!

The one thing that gets me about Mexico is the colours. The flowers are beautiful but colour comes all over in the murals, the graveyards, pictures in the in the market, the masks in the bizarre, and very strange they are too!!

2013 BBQ  Bettyclick (PLR)-22

2013 BBQ  Bettyclick (PLR)-212013 BBQ  Bettyclick (PLR)-262013 BBQ  Bettyclick (PLR)-19

After Mexico is back to Bermuda, and back to my normal photos!!!  The Bermuda Bicylce Association’s road series of races was about to begin, so I polished off my big camera, cleaned the lenses, charges the batteries and headed off to the races.

Dominique was in good form at the start of the season and he made Team Madison proud with a serious of wins, including the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race on Bermuda’s National Day, May 24th 2013.  Unfortunately he wasn’t fit for the Tokio Millenium Triathlon, but it turned out our Madison guys and girl, Martina, Nico and Neil were superb and won the Team event, yeah!!!  Enjoy the photos, there are a few Bermuda scenes that I couldn’t resist posting too, what a beautiful place we live in!!!

The Non-NY Marathon – 11 November 2012

Well done to our friend, Brian McDevitt and his pals – Emma, Helen, Anne  and Michele for running the replacement “2012 New York Marathon” here in Bermuda on 11 November 2012.The Non-NY Team

They were all so disappointed that Hurricane Sandy decided to sweep through Non-NY Supporters!the the East Coast of USA and up through New Jersey and the city of New York, resulting in chaos and destruction for miles … the emergency services needed to concentrate their efforts on the clean-up, so unfortunately the New York Marathon was cancelled.  For some it was too late to cancel flights and they spent a superb weekend not running marathon.  But after all that training they all just wanted to “check that box” and run that first marathon.  So they all got together and they had the medals shipped in and the “Non-NY Marathon was born – Dockyards to St Georges, 26.2 miles.The Medal

In some ways I t2012Non-NY(PLR)-6hink they were pleased they ran it in Bermuda, it was a gloriously sunny day.  Who wants to run in the wind and rain and snow ..?  You would not believe that it was the middle of The timeNovember.. fabulous.

And the supporters were brilliant too.  Lots of people turned out to hand out water bottles, Gatorades and protein bars.  And of course, supplying the multitude of motivating cheers of “YThe Finish Lineou are looking good” and “Nearly there..!”.  From what we could see not one of the guys hit “the wall”.  They all kept smiling …  all the way to the end.

For the last 2012Non-NY(PLR)-11hundred metres or so the kids joined in too to help cheer them on to the finishing line.  So it wasn’t the proper New York Marathon, but I think they were happy.2012Non-NY(PLR)-49

The first ever 2012 Non-NY Marathon” was definitely a success.  Well done Guys – See you next year???

The Return of Betty Click!

Sorry I’ve been away a while!!  Work kinda took over my life but I’m back  …

English Harbour, BermudaLast summer I went on a photography course with a guy named Flip Nicklin.  He was here in Bermuda on a book promotion trip for his new book “Among Giants, a life with Whales”.  He’s regarded as being one of the world’s leading cetacean photographers and made a great impact in his years with the National Geographic and later co-founded The Whale Trust.  He’s an amazing guy to talk to … he helped us think more about telling a story with our photos.

This is a photo of English Harbour, Bermuda, which I took from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.  We were sent out in the afternoon of our course to go and get different views of Bermuda to put into a group slideshow.  This was one of my contributions and I’m very pleased with it.  I used Lightroom to smarten it up but really there were very little changes to it!

I had an ulterior motive for attending the course though … As I said, Flip is really into Whales, and one of the reasons I attended the course was that  we were heading on an Alaska Cruise that August.  We’d managed to get ourselves signed up on a photography excursion, which included a boat trip to search for and photograph whales.  Who knew that we would find a whale that Flip himself first saw and recorded … and I got the tail photo.  I tell you this made my whole trip to  Alaska.  Here’s the tail ….

Whale Tail!

Whale Tail 2!

Whale 1443

recorded in May 2008

by Flip Nicklin

seen again by BettyClick on August 22, 2011

Alaska is such an amazing place, so much to see and do …here’s a brief selection of some of my photos

(to see the big picture click on the photo, then press the back button to get back to the home screen) …

Bettyclick got Published!

Yes, Bettyclick finally made it – The Royal Gazette, Bermuda’s national daily newspaper published one of my photos, HOORAY!!!!

HamCrit30May10 73

Okay, it may have been a day after the actual sports article but at least it happened.

So what was the picture?

What was the event?

Of course it had to be cycling photo, and of our brilliant young Rider, Dominique Mayho.

The young lad was phenomenal as he was the only one to reign back in Garth’s break, then kept him under his watchful eye, until it was his turn to go for it.  Then Dom attacked at Captain’s Lounge and never looked back.

Dominique was the winner of the Hamilton Criterium on May 20th, 2010.  A clear winner by more than 2 bike lengths.  Another well earned victory for Team Madison.

And I must admit I am very proud to have my photo in the paper, definitely more bragging rights there!!!!

HamCrit30May10 233

But before I go, I just wanted to mention the brilliant effort by our Team Captain, Phil, who beat Wayne Scott in a sprint finished in the Crit this weekend – but (and it is a big BUT) a week too late!  Happy times Phil wearing the Tw@t Hat – a job well done!!

I hope everyone has a brilliant weekend, oh, and good luck in the Hill Climb on Sunday at the Lighthouse!!!

HamCrit30May10 203

HamCrit30May10 177 - Version 2

HamCrit30May10 98

HamCrit30May10 67

HamCrit30May10 1

Betty Click on a Mission …

It wasn’t a mission impossible (though a heavy workload nearly made it so).  Team Madison needed me.  Photographic evidence was required.  So the camera bag was packed and off I went …


The place – Clearwater Beach

The day and time – Sunday 9th May, 2010, 8.30am.

The team started strong – Rodney right from the outset took the lead, even beating Garth into the clips … DSC_0012I think Rodney was on his own mission, maybe as a result of the pre-race team briefing which said “Rodney chase them down”, because he went off like a rocket – the machine powered for 6 long laps until the peloton finally reeled him back in.  Rodney, you are a brave man … to work so hard, for so long, and the only thing to get at the end of the day is the Tw@t hat.  Well, I think you are a superstar … so on with the race  …

DSC_0278 Round and round and round and round they went.  The rest of the team worked hard.


As the peloton finally reeled Rodney back in, the guys kept the group at a reasonable pace, and by taking turns to lead the pack they kept the pace slow to ensure that the strength of the key sprinters was maintained.  The system worked, and in the penultimate lap Scott made his break.  A significant lead was built, and by the last lap Scott was well into the lead and it was time for Madison to step onto the podium once again.  Scott rolled the winner – obviously very relieved to have the race completed and under his belt.  You could see the relief in his face.  Well done Scott!  Well done Madison!

So what next?  Of course the necessary team briefing to answer some very key questions:

  • why did Rodney go off so quickly?
  • why did Garth take so long to get in his clips?
  • is it allowed to pull out of a race to stop and chat with your most favourite student ever
  • why did Podge nearly ride into a post (thankfully he work up just before impact)?
  • was anyone going to be in contention for the Tw@t hat this week?
  • how long would it be before Phil had a bottle of beer in his hand?
  • how many more miles of cycling and swimming and running would Brian do today, and how many before Phil finished that beer?
  • would Liz ever race her bike for Team Madison?  And if she did, who would take the photos??

Answers on a postcard please!

So I’m sure you’ve had enough of this.  Roll on the rest of the photos from the day … Enjoy!






















I have to push the new website …

So its 6.15am on a Saturday morning and I’m awake. “Stupid stupid stupid” I hear you say! And I agree, but the hubby doesn’t 8and21quite understand the concept of getting ready quietly for his 6.15am cycle ride. So here I am, wide awake at silly o’clock having already read the online newspaper, checked my fantasy football line up, reviewed the latest Facebook comments, and surfed a few more websites including the new madisoncycling.net which is ruddy brilliant! And then I thought – it’s time to update BettyClick and load up a couple more pix…

So Madison had their team photo taken last weekend after the big race in which we came 1st and 2nd and several over places in the top 10.   And BettyClick was there to take lots and lots of photos.   And just as well that I did as it turned out they were needed as evidence as the officials got several places wrong … hmm, so Rodney came 8th and Podge came 21st – I can’t quite see the other 12 cyclists between them as they crossed the line …!


It was team photo day too … and everyone was there … well Sarah was off snowboarding with her school, Helen was back in Manchester, Graeme has left the country, Melissa and Kelly had already gone home as it was too cold, oh and yes, I was taking the photos … Well, almost everyone was there!  And so BettyClick was put in the back of a car, given Phil’s Nikon (apparently mine just didn’t have enough zeros in the name of it) and some poor unsuspecting guy was pulled off the street to drive the Trussell vehicle and the clicking commenced.   About 300 photos later the guys went their merry way and Phil went back home to play with all the photos …

So here they are in all their glory, the fabulously fabulous TEAM MADISON!

Madison Cycle Team

Betty Click's photos & news …